Enrollment forms:

Basic Child Enrollment-- Every child needs this form on file, this gives us contact information and allergy information.

Enrollment Medical--Any child that is not enrolled in the public school system needs this form within 30 days of starting at Kids Kastle.  If this form is not received within 30 days your child will not be able to attend until we have it on file.

Medical Care Plan-- Any child with a known allergy or has special needs must have this form on file so we are aware and can take proper care of your child.

Infant Information-- All infants, which is child that is under 18 months of age must have this form on file.

Pick up form-- All children must have this form on file.


Use of Medicine:

Administration of Medicine-- This form is used for any topical ointments such as diaper creams, lip balm, origel, any internal medication such as ibuprofen, prescribed medication, teething tablets, any food supplement such as pedisure, soy milk.

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