Up coming events:

         ~November 6/7/8-- Grandparents day
         ~November 27 Thanksgiving Party-- Building wide
         ~Tuesday December 2-- Dog Spa
         ~December 20 Christmas Party-- Building wide
         ~Winter Production-- Building wide @ Parkway School
         ~Thursday January 16-- Celina Domino's
         ~Thursday January 23/24-- Celina Library
         ~Friday February 14 Valentines Day Party-- Building wide
         ~Tuesday February 18-- Celina Firehouse
         ~February 27/28-- Donuts with Dad
         ~Tuesday March 17-- St Patrick's Day
         ~March 26/27-- Special Persons Day
         ~Thursday April 9-- Easter Party--Building wide
         ~Thursday April 17-- Celina Tent 
         ~April 30/ May 1-- Muffins with Mom
        ~May Graduation -- Parkway School



       ~  Confirm with Cindy or Jodi if your child will be here on a no school day

       ~ Dress your children for outside Play!


Days Kids Kastle Closed:

  ~ November 28/29-- Thanksgiving

        ~ December 24/25-- Christmas

      ~ December 31/ January 1-- New Years

      ~ April 10-- Good Friday

      ~ May 25-- Memorial Day





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