At Kids Kastle Daycare and Learning Center, we realize that your involvement is essential to help us ensure that your child's needs are met and he/she has a wonderful experience at Kids Kastle. Our staff members know more about a child's daily activities and the overall program in which he/she is enrolled, and they will eagerly share this information with parents.

Open, honest, respectful communication is the heart of our approach to parental involvement please don't hesitate to ask any questions or share any information you think will help us provide the best possible care for your child.

In addition to daily conversations and regular correspondence, staff members will reach out to parents via meetings, conferences, newsletters, and other means so they can work together to address children's needs.

  • Mini-Conferences are brief conversations that occur daily at drop-off and pickup times will help smooth the transitions between home, center, and school.
  • Daily Information Sheets for infants and toddlers will be provided every day at pickup time and will cover the child's toileting, feeding, naptime, medication, etc., for the day.
  • Program Schedules are located at the entrance of the building on our information table along with other interesting information.
  • Child Transition-- rather than suddenly switching a child to a new room, teacher, and peer group, caregivers will gradually introduce a child to the new setting over the course of a few days or weeks. Some children adapt to a new program immediately, while others may need to build up to it through increasingly longer periods visiting a new group. In each case, caregivers will provide the continuity and encouragement children need to feel comfortable with these important milestones.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled meetings to discuss a child's development and progress, including successes in the program and any problems the child may be experiencing. Conferences also allow caregivers a chance to learn about the child's life outside the center. At least one conference will be scheduled per academic year.
  • Special Programs involving both parents and children are scheduled at least once per year and may include Holiday musicals, Grandparents Day, Father's Day "Donuts with Dad", Mother's Day "Muffins with Mom", Open houses, Art walk, Lightening Bugs graduation, etc. These programs provide children with interesting projects to help channel their creative energies and give parents and children an opportunity to participate in an activity together.
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